pot of love

If you can find a more awesome way to store you flowers, of even keep your bottles chilled, then we want to know. The Pot of Love takes the idea of an ornate, classical Greek vase from an Athenian toga party, but replaces the candles for neon disco lights and scraps the gentle plunks of a harp in favour of something a bit more 'hands in the air'.

Basically, this is one outrageously eye-catching pot. Keep one in the middle of the dining room table for a perfect Champagne chiller when you want to impress the in-laws. Scatter a few around the garden to add a touch of rave to your lawn. Whatever you do with it, it'll probably be the coolest thing you ever do. The Pot of Love looks even more outstanding when matched with the Queen of Love armchair and the Prince of Love footstool. 

  • size: 33cm high, 34cm outside diameter, 25cm inside diameter
  • weight: 2.3kg
  • material: Recyclable linear polyethylene
  • easy material to clean
  • can be used indoors and outdoors




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