cactus lamp

Also doubles as a sombrero stand

There’s just something about the cactus that we can’t help but love. It looks bizarre with its funny little arms. It’s covered in tiny spikes. And, sat alongside a sombrero, poncho and ludicrous moustache, it helps make up one of the world’s funniest stereotypes. But this cactussy floor lamp has another fine quality – it’s insanely cool. Available in different colours with contrasting flowers, it will add a splash of illuminating fun to any interior. Stick the Cactus Lamp in the corner of any room and you’ll be fighting off hordes of gun-toting gringos trying to get their mits on it.

  • Size: 54cm width, 130cm height, 42cm depth
  • Colours available now: green
  • Other colours available by special order - email Allow 8-10 weeks for shipping
  • Runs on cable, requires a regular 13amp socket, 220 v power
  • 11-watt energy saving lightbulb (included)
  • Made from polyethylene
  • Easy to clean


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