prince of love

The footstool that simply can't wait to party

Introducing the Prince of Love, the footstool that simply can't wait to party. On one hand, it's an ornate pedestal for your dainty royal tootsies, with intricate details in a classical ornate style. On the other, it's a rather bright and bold piece of furniture that screams 'Look at me. Go on, look' from 100 metres.

Pair it with the awesome Queen of Love armchair and you've got yourself perhaps the greatest living room combination since tea and biscuits. Alternatively, you can use it as a bedside table, perhaps next to your neon four-poster bed (don't worry, we're working on getting these in soon).

  • size: 54cm wide, 54cm deep, 42cm high
  • weight: 7.5kg
  • material: Recyclable linear polyethylene
  • easy material to clean
  • can be used indoors and outdoors

Category: footstool, lounging

Type: Lounge Away

Vendor: --------

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